• Madagascar Travel Special

      - A beautiful landscape
      - From the luxuriant vegetation of the East to the dry South
      - A picturesque train ride to the East Coast through the tropical rainforest
      - A colourful cruise on the Canal des Pangalanes
      - Experience the peasants’ life in Ambohitsara, a remote village on the Pangalanes, far away from modern « civilisation »
      - Fauna and flora of the Ranomafana and Isalo National Parks
      - Canyons and the « piscines naturelles » of the Isalo Mountain Range
      - Relaxing on the beach of Ifaty

    • Great Adventure Tour

      - Bemaraha Tsingy (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
      - The « allée des Baobabs »
      - Cruise on the Canal des Pangalanes
      - Walk in the beautiful woods alongside the Indian Ocean Coast
      - Fauna and flora of the Bemaraha, Isalo, Ranomafana and Andasibe National Parks
      - INDRI INDRI, the tallest species of lemurs, in the Analamazaotra/Andasibe reservation

    • Rainforest and Beach

      - Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and its endemic fauna and flora
      - The star of the reservation, the INDRI INDRI, the tallest species of lemurs
      - The tropical rainforest of the East Coast
      - Beautiful beaches on the island of Sainte Marie

    • The Mythical North

      - Biological treasure of the National Park Montagne d’Ambre
      - The amazing « Tsingys Rouges » and « Tsingys de l’Ankarana »
      - Sunbathing, swimming and relaxing on beautiful beaches

    • The Far West

      - A very diversified landscape
      - The “Grands Tsingys”
      - The “allée des baobabs”
      - The West Coast’s most beautiful beaches

    • Hiking and Nature

      - Panoramic landscapes on the central highlands
      - Beautiful rice fields in the countryside
      - Encounter with the villagers and their daily life
      - Discover the beauty of the landscape and the culture of the Zafimaniry
      - The amazing landscape around the Andringitra Mountain
      - 3 national parks rich in fauna and flora
      - Relaxing on the beach

    • Following Jean Laborde’s Footsteps

    • L'île Nosy Be

      Cette île est poursuivie par le mythe de l’île paradisiaque.
      L’île est dotée de longues plages de sable blanc, d’une végétation luxuriante, d’un climat stable et clément presque toute l’année. La faune aquatique y est très abondante et diversifiée et l’eau d’une transparence incomparable. Un paradis pour les plongeurs.
      Aux alentours de NOSY BE se trouvent des îlots dont la plupart sont encore complètement sauvage, où les plages et les fonds sous-marins riment avec sérénité, paix et nature à l'état brut

    • L’îlot Tsarabanjina

      - Des plages de sable blanc immaculé
      - Des lagons bleu turquoise
      - Des fonds sous-marins vierges
      - Végétation luxuriante

    • L’îlot Iranja ou Nosy Iranja

      - 2 islands linked together by a 1,2 km sandbar, creating a unique beach and walking environment
      - A full range of water sports and other activities
      - The island of turtles

    • The peninsula Anjajavy

      - An extraordinary peninsula at the end of the world
      - Sunshine practically all year round
      - Luxury lodge and member of Relais & Chateaux
      - A 450 hectare with a wide variety of lemurs, reptiles and other endemic flora and fauna
      - Many water based and land based activities
      sy Be.

    • L'île Sainte-Marie

      est une île romantique située á la Côte Est avec 5 km de large et 60 km de long. Ici tout est encore nature. Un petit paradis tropical avec une multitude de petites criques de toute beauté. Les plages sont bordées de cocotiers, de récifs coralliens magnifiques peuplés d’une faune sous-marine de toutes tailles et de toutes les couleurs.

    • Salary

      - An exceptional landscape
      - One of most beautiful bays of Madagascar
      - Large beach outside the tourist roads
      - Primary forest still preserved

    • Anakao

      - Long white sand beaches
      - The charm of a typical fisher’s village
      - Excursion to the islands Nosy Ve to practise bird watching and scuba diving
      - Excursion to the nature reserve near the Tsimanampetsotra lake


Le Canal de Pangalanes



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Portable : 261 3207 26721
Tel. Fax. 261 20 22 63049
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Located on the west coast 120 km north of Majunga, Anjajavy is a remote fishing village on

an extraordinary peninsula at the end of the world.


Environment & Weather:

Anjajavy is part of a 450 hectare reserve with 4 main habitats:

1. A dry deciduous forest with wonderful palissandres, baobabs etc.

2. A mangrove which is the only protected mangrove for over 250km

3. Tsingy: unique limestone rock formations

4. Beautiful beaches

Within the reserve, a wide variety of lemurs, reptiles and other endemic flora and fauna

can be found.

Madagascar’s west coast enjoys sunshine practically all year round. For further details,

please see the weather chart.


Hotel Classification:

Anjajavy is a member of Relais & Chateaux and ranks as a four-star plus establishment by

European standard. It is ideal for the demanding eco-tourist.

Anjajavy is the only luxury lodge in Madagascar and the perfect place to end any trip to

this beautiful and exciting country.



The hotel consists of 24 individual rosewood villas facing the sea.

On the ground floor, each villa provides a large sea-facing terrace, a living room and a

bedroom. A small staircase provides access to the first floor loft room, which can be used

as a children’s/guest room for up to 2 additional people.

The bathroom on the ground level has a large bath, shower and separate lavatory.

Villas are maintained at an ideal temperature by silent air-conditioning systems.


Power :

All rooms have lights and electricity supply.

The hotel operates with 220V power sockets and European plug points.


Communication :

The hotel has two handheld satellite phones which guests can use in the privacy of their

rooms or guests can use the hotel Skype and Callserve systems to phone out from the

office. E-mail and fax transmission is available in the main building and satellite

television available in a private salon.


Children's facilities and Policy:

Children policy: Children of all ages are welcome at Anjajavy.

Children rates: Children under 2 stay free; for other children, please refer to rates sheet.

Accommodation: Children are comfortably accommodated in the upstairs bedroom of each

villa. This bedroom can be used by children and adults of all ages. They share the main


Children Activities: Special activities are arranged for children during the peak family

holiday season: 15 July – 30 August / 20 Dec – 5 Jan / Easter

Babysitting: Can be arranged on request at the hotel

Swimming Pool: The pool area is not fenced off.

Children’s Meal: Special meals for children can be made by arrangement with the chef.


Dining :

Anjajavy offers a fine dining experience. Meals are French-inspired and highly dependent

on seasonal availability. Malagasy dishes are on offer for those who wish to experience the

excellent local specialties.


The Oasis :

The Oasis is a genuine Garden of Eden and place of calm amidst the diversity of activities

on offer at Anjajavy. Kept at a constant humidity by water sprays, The Oasis offers a

refreshing environment in which to escape the heat of the day.

A variety of aquatic plants, papyrus reeds, tree ferns, climbing plants and palm trees are

home to humming birds, lemurs, malachite kingfishers, and many other species.

This is also the setting for afternoon tea with refreshing soft drinks, teas and cake.

Designed by Camille Muller, the French landscape designer, who also has a deep love for

Madagascar, The Oasis is the result of the search for harmony within the diversity of

experiences on offer in Madagascar.


In-room facilities:


- Lounge area and an eating area

- Queen size bed under mosquito netting

- En-suite bathroom with separate toilet

- Tea station and mini fridge (this is always stocked with fresh water and can be stocked

with other drinks on request)

- Hairdryer

Upstairs area (ideal for children with parents):

- Working area

- Twin beds


- Large deck with hammock, coffee-table and chairs

- Foot hose for cleaning sand off feet

All rooms have a silent built-in air-conditioning system.




Anjajavy has a wonderful beach which is lovely for swimming just in front of the villas and

a protected marina.

With a relatively low gradient beach, the tidal difference is about 10m. A wide variety of

activities is available from the beach in front of the hotel and at the marina.

Activities that are paid for:

Fishing – per boat rate for a maximum of 4 people

- 3 hours: in a 15 km radius for small haul fishing

- Half day excursion: 3 hours to reef plateau 30 km away for small haul, long haul,

poppers, and angling

- Full day excursion 3 hours: to reef plateau 30 km away for small haul, long haul,

poppers and angling

Boat excursions

- Moromba Bay: a guided boat trip along the coast with outstanding scenery of eroded

islands and beautiful rock formations jutting out of the sea. Refreshments are served.

- Mangrove tours: guided sunset boat trip (1 hour) through the protected mangroves

with drinks on board. Excellent for birding.

- Water skiing

Free activities include:

- Speed-boat driven inflatables

- Catamaran sailing

- Wind surfing

- Snorkelling (includes mask, snorkel and fins)

- Kayak in the sea or mangrove

- Village boat trips

- Mountain bikes

- Fresh water pool at the main lodge

- Badminton

- Volley Ball

- Billiards

- Traditional Pirogue



Within the 450-hectare reserve, the hotel offers a wide variety of wonderful walks which

guests can either do unguided with a clear map, or with one of the hotel guides.

Free activities include:

- Excursions and walks are open to everyone and most do not require any special

physical aptitude. Sign-posted paths from the hotel lead guests to the forest and

surrounding bays.

Examples of walks (maps available):

1. Through tsingy (limestone rock formations) covered forest to discover the principal

endemic species of Malagasy flora and fauna.

2. Discovering the majestic baobabs, where the hairy crab (endemic) and wonderful

birds are founds. This walk also includes exploring a small cave for the


3. A guided adventure walk begins by being dropped off by 4x4 and then heading out

on foot to discover an underground world of stalagmites and stalactites.

4. The bay to bay walk along the Anjajavy peninsula with its wild, untouched bays. A

Robinson Crusoe day can be arranged for clients with a private picnic on one of the


5. Guided night walks are also offered to disovered the nocturnal inhabitants of the

reserve which include mouse lemur, fat tailed dwarf lemurs, Milne Edwards

Sportive lemurs, greater hedgehog tenrec, Madagascar flying foxes and

Commerson’s leaf-nosed bat, amongst others.


Community: Anjajavy is very involved with the local community and guests are

encouraged to visit the local villages and support their tourism initiatives.

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